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One in 3 pets will require veterinary treatment this year.

Perhaps this treatment will be a “one-off” like broken bones after a road traffic accident. It may equally be an ongoing problem like diabetes, a skin allergy or arthritis. As medical and surgical treatments become more advanced, inevitably the cost of first class veterinary care increases and in some cases becomes a limiting factor.

It is possible to insure your pet against accident, illness and injury. With the exceptions of preventative healthcare such as vaccinations, wormers, flea treatment or elective procedures such as neutering (these are covered under our Healthy Pet Scheme) in most cases all you pay is the excess although you may pay a percentage as the pet gets older. There may also be a small administration fee. Some policies limit the amount of time or money that can be claimed and an insured for life policy will give you peace of mind. Don’t shop around on price alone.




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Selecting a Policy

Please read the small print carefully before taking out an insurance policy as the level of cover can vary considerably.

Be aware that some policies will only cover for an illness/condition for 12 months or set an age limit when cover stops, while others such as PetPlan will provide lifelong cover for ongoing conditions. Please ask our staff for further information. We recommend combining the Delaware Vets’ Healthy Pet Scheme with an insurance policy to give you absolute peace of mind for all your pet’s healthcare needs.

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I have been a client of Delaware Veterinary Practice for 14 years, during this time my Akita, ‘Loki’ became ill with an auto immune condition. I luckily insured Loki as soon as I had him with a policy with lifelong cover. This meant that Loki could receive the best treatment for her and I did not have to worry about expensive medications and how to afford them each month. I was very grateful that Delaware were more than willing and able to deal with my insurance company directly, so apart from excess payments. I did not have to pay up front for any treatment for the duration of Loki’s illness which was for the next 7 1/2 years. My insurance company paid out over £30,000 during Loki’s lifetime which enabled her to live a happy and fulfilling life, without this level of cover I could not afford such treatment and believe I would have lost her when she was much younger. Although we have recently lost Loki at 10 1/2 years old, I will be forever grateful that I had a good insurance cover for her and for Delaware who were so helpful and did all of the work throughout the claims process over the years. Lucy Roberts

Owner Of Loki