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So summer is here…..

Just don’t look out the window or you could be mistaken for thinking its autumn and you may soon be setting off to sunnier climates for a well-deserved break. Don’t forget your four legged friends. They need to be well looked after while you are away on holiday.

Follow our 7 top tips for a stress free break.


1. Accommodation

There are many options from having a house / pet sitter, kennels / catteries or home boarding where you’re pet will stay in someone’s home while you are away. All options are worth considering and depend upon your animal’s needs and temperament. Remember to book ahead to take into account busy times such as Christmas / Easter and the school summer holidays. Also make sure you visit before leaving your cherished pet to make sure you are happy with the conditions and staff.


2. Food / Diet

Always remember to ask if they have your pets chosen food as a sudden change in diet can cause tummy upsets. If they don’t take your own, some kennels will even give a little discount if you provide your own food. Take an extra 25% in case of sudden delays such as changed flights.


3. Vet Check

It’s very important to make sure all vaccinations, worm and flea preventions are all up to date before your pet goes away. Always mention to your vet where you are going and for how long.


4. Routine

Explain to the person looking after your pet their daily routine, this may sound like too much information but it is important our pets can get upset and confused if things are changed drastically.


5. Bedding, Toys & Leads etc.

It can be easy forgotten in the rush of packing but taking familiar things can make all the difference, your pet will be missing you so having their own bedding can really help.


6. Emergency Contact

Remember to let your pet sitter have your regular vet’s contact details as they have all your pets’ history and will be able to help in case treatment is needed while you are away. Also give the pet sitter a contact number for a trusted relative / friend in case of emergencies.


7. Medications

If your pet is on any medications write down the instructions clearly and talk through the dosage and the way you administer the medication. It also goes without saying to make sure you have enough medication to take your pet right through until they come home.